Cylinder kit Cristofolini Racing 70cc

Cylinder kit Cristofolini Racing 70cc


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Availability: 4 – 10 days

This 70cc Racing cylinder has been developed by the Italian No. 1 racing team Cristofolini, TCR for short. Already a look at the huge, bridged exhaust port reveals that this cylinder gives excellent performance. When combined with the exhaust that has been especially designed for the cylinder and a special crankshaft with a stroke of 39.2mm (also available from Cristofolini), be prepared to set new sprint records. Peak performances of up to 26 hp and more are possible. This is real high-end stuff. The cylinder is produced in very small quantities so that you will need some luck to get your hands on one of these beauties. Just like with the 2FAST cylinder kit, you will need to machine off the crankcase so that the cylinder base will fit.
  • Engine Type Minarelli Horizontal
  • Conrod Length 85mm
  • Stroke 39,2mm
  • Displacement 70cc
  • Bore 47,6mm