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Exhaust Systems // 50cc – 70cc

  • CAD $159.99

    Malossi offer here great performance exhaust without the inconvenience of the racing exhaust noise. This is a quite unobtrusive exhaust that looks exactly like the original but has quite some extra power and better torque. Exhaust come with restriction that can be easily... Malossi offer here great performance...

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    CAD $159.99
  • CAD $129.99

    Nice results with an exhaust retaining unobtrusive looks – that’s what you get with these Tecnigas exhausts. Extra torque, and top speed is about 5 mph higher. Nice results with an exhaust...

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    CAD $129.99
  • CAD $149.99

    The Polini Speed is an unobtrusive sport exhaust with European homologation. It’s completely made of steel, painted in matt black, and equipped with a heat shield. Like comparable touring pipes, it is suitable and offer good performance with original or 70cc sport engines. All... The Polini Speed is an unobtrusive...

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    CAD $149.99

Exhaust Systems // Sport 50cc - 70cc

  • CAD $159.99

    This is the successor of the Tecnigas Next. Its diffuser now consists of two segments. The silencer mounting has been changed and the exhaust now comes with a black rear silencer This is the successor of the Tecnigas...

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    CAD $159.99
  • CAD $186.99 CAD $219.99

    The Yasuni Z from the Spanish manufacturer Yasuni is an absolutely high performance exhaust when combined with 50cc and 70cc sport cylinders. Similar performance characteristics as the Hebo Performer or Polini Funky. This exhaust is equipped with a classy aluminium silencer.... The Yasuni Z from the Spanish...

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